About Us

RPS Solar is a solar energy news and information resource. We feature the latest news on solar technology and solar energy industry, an extensive library of federal and state solar rebates and incentives, and a nationwide network of local service providers for quotes on the installation of photovoltaic solar panels and other uses of solar systems for different applications.

This blog is maintained by a group of solar energy professionals, who are willing to share their knowledge and skills. They willingly spend their time and effort to help other people through their experience in the same field through this blog.


RPS Solar’s mission is to broaden the impact of solar energy technology to the people’s lives and to the society as a whole. It aims to create a difference for the better, one solar blog post at a time!

Its objective is to provide a venue for people who want to learn about solar energy topics. Through blog posts, guides, tips and answering frequently asked questions, we aim to give value to the readers and to educate them about the significance of the solar power technology.